ModPro Hackers: A group of 3 Hackers go against a world class Illegal Hacker to save the world.
Genres: Thriller,
Category: Upcoming, Hollywood,
Released: 1st January 2017
Duration: 90 mins
Produced In: Pakistan
Language: English
Directed By: Muhammad Aanish Ayaz
Starring: Muhammad Aanish Ayaz, Muhammad Hussain Zafar, Muhammad Hussnain, Ali Hussain Rizvi, Muhammad Saad,

ModPro Hackers Storyline:

The whole world is under a Cyber Attack by the world famous Hunter Gujjar. A group of 3 teenage computer lover's decided to stand against him and started a movement again cyber criminals until one night when Hunter Gujjar decides to disconnect USA and UK from the world, which happened. The 3 hackers Founded a Company named ModPro Hackers aka. The World Changers. The 3 were never serious in this business until they got on to the hold of the Armegithrim SXW Chip, the chip Hunter used to destroy a total of 107 countries. When Hunter gets to know about that, he starts to assassinate all the White Hats. After a year of Cyber War, ModPro Hackers only remain to fight for Justice and restoring peace in the World.

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